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MJLS is derived from the Arabic term "Majlis", meaning a sitting room or gathering area where individuals come together to socialize. It is experiential agency and artist discovery platform dedicated to the amplification of Middle Eastern & North African (MENA) art, music, and culture. By curating experiences that encourage storytelling, collaboration, and unification, we offer a vibrant platform for Arab & MENA artists to gain exposure and share their craft with the world.


SERVICES PROVIDED Event Production, Contract Negotiations, Talent Buying, A&R, Digital Marketing, Guerilla Marketing, Content Creation, Business Development, Project Management, Community Outreach, Business Processes, Brand Partnerships​, Budget Management, Brand Identity

  • Oversight of full-scale business development, including brand development, creation and upkeep of social platforms, budget and financial oversight, internal processes and organizational methods, project management, and more

  • Curate a social media marketing strategy and visual identity that reflects a unique brand voice and effectively promotes upcoming events

  • Collaborate with local artists, brands, and venues to plan and execute a variety of events, including but not limited to:

    • Artist showcases

    • Creative meet-ups

    • Club nights

    • Poetry workshops

    • Small business spotlights

    • Film screenings

  • Oversight of end-to-end event production, including contract negotiations, budget management, venue scouting and rental, production advance, talent curation, and more

  • Received coverage and recognition across the regional MENA music scene, including publications such as SceneNoise, Cairo Scene, Millie's World, and organizations such as Empire WANA, Levantine Music, and MDLBEAST


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