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Vivie-ann Bakos, known professionally as BLOND:ISH, is a Canadian music producer and DJ. An environmental activist, she founded the nonprofit charity Bye Bye Plastics to eliminate single-use plastics from music venues and events.


  • Conducted a full digital audit of BLOND:ISH social media accounts, including an assessment of content strategy, brand pillars, content buckets/ideas, font guidelines, areas for improvement, and more

  • Managed a content calendar across Instagram and TikTok platforms, continuously creating content (LINK) and scheduling posts two weeks out at a time; posts were scheduled around her tour itinerary and included, but were not limited to, promoting upcoming shows, show recaps, upcoming releases, and more

  • Stayed up-to-date on current social media trends and wrote content briefs for BLOND:ISH to follow, including an explanation of the trend, a shot list, and a reference video

  • Coordinated with on-site videographers for each show and provided detailed filming briefs that included guidelines for angle capture, shot lists, aspect ratio, and more

  • Sifted through footage from each show and pulled selects to be used in content, recap carousels, and techno page highlights

  • Researched and compiled a list of Techno pages that can highlight BLOND:ISH content; oversaw outreach to Techno pages to request a feature for selected footage 

  • Integrated Laylo, an SMS and newsletter feature with “drop campaign” functionality, and ManyChat, a platform for automating customer interactions, to drive hype and lead generation for marketing campaigns

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