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Lightning in a Bottle (LIB) is an annual music festival in the Central Valley region of California. It is presented by The Do LaB, which seeks to promote sustainabilitysocial cohesion, and creative expression. The festival features music performances, guest speakers, visual and interactive art installations, yoga classes, and group meditation, and other attractions.


  • Led the festival through a successful on-sale campaign, capitalizing on lineup excitement across social platforms and intregrating lead generation strategies to convert social media engagement into ticket sales

  • Managed the festival’s content calendar across Instagram and TikTok platforms, scheduling content two weeks out at a time to build hype and drive ticket sales

  • Integrated ManyChat into the on-sale marketing campaign, using automated features such as DM and comment replies to convert content interactions into ticket sales

  • Onboarded the festival onto KOMI, a link-in-bio service that cleanly and cohesively displays relevant links

  • Created content in alignment with the festival’s brand voice and content pillars

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