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EVENT DATE November 21, 2019

EVENT TIME 6:00 PM doors, 7:00 PM show

VENUE Newport Music Hall, 1,400 capacity

ANNOUNCE DATE October 31, 2019

ARTIST LINEUP DaniLeigh (headliner), The Borders, Eli Ensor, and Zhenel (student openers)

Expand our slate of events to include the first mid-year concert at Ohio State since 2014, allowing us to incorporate a variety of genres into our programming and showcase a rising artist to students


  • First-ever Buckeye Nation Concert planned as part of Buckeye Nation Week, a full week of programming featuring events such as Megan Rapinoe, Cody Ko and Noel Miller, and Beat Michigan Craft Night in anticipation of the OSU vs. Michigan game

  • Collected submissions from over 20 local artists and selected 3 to perform in support of DaniLeigh’s headliner set based on vocal talent, production quality, and stage presence

  • Worked with multiple booking managers across Columbus to coordinate our date preferences with venue availabilities, ultimately securing a date at Newport Music Hall and initiating a relationship with a brand new promoter, PromoWest Live  

  • Initiated and monitored show advance from start to finish, acting as the liaison between Newport Music Hall staff, Live! Technologies, and tour management to ensure production needs were met on the day-of-show

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